• Enterprise Strategic View:Seeking for All Worlds and the Overall Situation.
  • Enterprise Vision:Become China’s leading agricultural integrated service provider.
  • Enterprise Mission:To provide quality assurance and low-cost comprehensive agricultural services for "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" in a long-term and stable manner, and to continuously create maximum value for society, customers, employees and shareholders.
  • Enterprise Development Goal: To establish a comprehensive service system covering the functions of seeds, chemical fertilizers, agri-chemical, technical services, logistics and distribution, rural finance, agricultural product processing, etc.. To develop into a modern agricultural comprehensive service provider with outstanding advantages in product resources, talent team, terminal network, agrochemical services, logistics distribution and settlement system and other aspects, systematic operation, and leading innovation in business mode, service technology, organization form and culture.
  • Core Values: Assuming responsibility
  • Enterprise Spirit:Cooperation Strive Optimism Evolution
  • Talent concept:Cultural identity, unity and cooperation, selection of talents and utilization of energy, achievement of employees.
  • Operation Purpose:Service agriculture in good faith
  • Operation Philosophy:Farmer- centric, Crop-oriented.
  • Operation Model:Guided by modern agricultural technology service, supported by distribution network directly reaching the terminal
  • Business Model:Unified procurement by headquarters and in-depth network distribution.